ST. CLOUD - Well, it was inevitable - a significant amount of snow has fallen across the St. Cloud area.

If you've been out and about today, you've certainly noticed sidewalks and parking lots filled with plows, snowblowers and bundled-up shovelers.

Shovelers like Orin Cramer.

Cramer says, while driving on icy roads can be trouble, he doesn't mind spending his morning on snow duty in downtown St. Cloud.

Cramer, like many Minnesotans, makes his wintertime living through shoveling and snowblowing, so the weather is quite welcomed.

But, even people who DON'T get a paycheck for snow removal welcome the start of winter. Chris Schaller of north St. Cloud is hard at work shoveling his front sidewalk today. He says this is the kind of weather we ought to expect and enjoy as Minnesotans.

Schaller says it's just too bad the snow is lined with a layer of ice, making the shoveling process a bit longer and more treacherous than desired.

Speaking of ice, when you venture onto the road, take caution. As of 11 a.m. this morning, the State Patrol has responded to three personal injury crashes, 18 crashes that involved damage to the vehicle, and another 24 vehicles that slid off the road.

As of 12:05 p.m., our official snowfall total here in St. Cloud is 3.2 inches.