ST. CLOUD -- A total of 59 vehicles were damaged as a result of the diesel contamination at First Fuel Banks last Tuesday.

Police continue to look for the person responsible for contaminating 55-thousand gallons of fuel at the Lincoln Avenue and Waite Park First Fuel Bank locations.

First Fuel CEO Jim Feneis says when they learned of the problem they immediately pumped out all of the contaminated fuel, vacuumed the tanks and flushed the lines. But, he says they still don't know what chemical was used...

Feneis says they are working to make sure their customers are being taken care of and that repairs to their equipment is completed.  He says they are once again locking the storage tanks and are considering surveillance cameras.

Seven of the damaged vehicles were city of St. Cloud fleet vehicles. St. Cloud Equipment Manager Chuck Koetter says three of the trucks were new recycling trucks, three were rear-end loaders and the other was a new street sweeper. Koetter says the trucks have been repaired, but they had to manually dump the new recycling carts which led to long days for refuse staff.

A $6,000 reward is being offered for information that helps catch and convict the person responsible.