ST. CLOUD - You can save 40-50 percent on packages of meats and fruits & vegetables tomorrow (Monday). The non-profit "Fare For All" food distribution program is holding it's first event in St. Cloud.

Program Manager Scott Weatherhead says the food is all local...

It's all fresh. It's the same things people see in the stores. We really try to push nutrition. Most of our meats like chicken is from Gold N Plump, most of our turkey we get from Jennie-O, most of our pork we get from Hormel. Solid Minnesota companies.

Weatherhead stresses the Fare For All Distribution is open to everyone.

St. Cloud is their 33rd site in the state. They also have a distribution site in St. Joseph.

We opened in St. Joseph two years ago and it's the largest site in the state. In December it attracted over 550 people who came into a church in two hours. It's been so good to be up there. We started a site three months ago in Little Falls and realized we have to be in St. Cloud.

Fare For All sells packages of frozen meats and fruits & vegetables for $10 to $25.  They accept EBT, credit, and debit cards, as well as cash.

Fare For All will be at Salem Lutheran Church on Riverside Drive Southeast in St. Cloud tomorrow (Monday) from 3:30 until 5:30 p.m. And then on the first Monday of every month throughout the year.