ST. PAUL (AP) — After the break in the Jacob Wetterling case this summer, the family of a missing Chisholm girl hopes they might get some answers in their daughter's disappearance.

LeeAnna Warner was 5 years old when she went missing in June 2003. LeeAnna was with her mother near Side Lake, when she said she wanted to say goodbye to her friend. Mother Kaelin Warner says that was the last time she saw LeeAnna.

A senior special agent with the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, who worked on the Jacob Wetterling case, says LeeAnna's disappearance is the most frustrating case he's worked on because investigators have nothing to go on.

While police think LeeAnna likely was kidnapped like Jacob Wetterling was, they can't confirm it. Police urge anyone with a tip to come forward.