ST. CLOUD - There's an event tonight (Monday) in St. Cloud that's intended to bring people of various races and backgrounds together. The community panel discussion on "Getting to Know Your Neighbors" starts at 6:30 p.m. at the St. Cloud Public Library.

Kevin LaNave is the Director of the Center for Service Learning and social change.  He says you'll have a chance to share your experiences of living in St. Cloud. He says, "we're going to be talking about people's experiences of being in St. Cloud.  We're gong to hear stories from a couple folks who are residents of this community.  That will trigger a conversation among participants, like: What's your experience of St. Cloud? What ways are people welcoming,and what obstacles are there?"

LaNave says the biggest challenge for residents is finding ways to interact with people of different backgrounds in their daily lives.

Tonight's event is free and open to everyone.