UNDATED -- When you call 911, you expect a well-trained first-responder to arrive on scene to help you.

The state's Emergency Medical Services provides training and equipment for Minnesota's first-responders. But, concerns over a funding mechanism for EMS has advocates searching for alternatives.

EMS Central Region Coordinator Marion Larson says 90% of their budget comes from seat belt tickets. She says as the state reaches 95% compliance, the money isn't coming like it used to.  She says if the funding continues to decline, they may have to cut back on their programs and services.

Larson says statewide, they are projected to receive about $300,000 in this two-year budget from seat belt ticket money. But, the last budget saw about $50,000 below projections. As a result, they are asking county commissioners to sign a resolution asking the state legislature to consider all other funding options.

Larson says they are asking lawmakers to look at all funding options, whether money can come from distracted driving tickets, DUI's or other pools of money.