ST. CLOUD - This week our All-Star Student comes from Cathedral High School in St. Cloud. Eli Stark-Haws has been a member of the student council since his freshman year at Cathedral, while also serving as class president his freshman, sophomore, and junior year. He decided to run for one of the four school senator positions at the end of his junior year. Needless to say, he was elected as the executive class president.

Eli Stark-Haws
(Photo: Joshua Akkerman, WJON News)

Emmett Keenan is the Student Senate Advisor at Cathedral. He describes Eli as a dedicated, and hard working student.

"He's a very thoughtful student.  He cares about the success of others around him, and we see that as well in the sports that he's involved with, and the leadership that he's involved with in the school. It's important to him to make sure that he' s helping others be successful as well," says Keenan.

Stark-Haws says he continued his student council membership because he had fun helping the school.

Every year I just kept coming back because I had a really fun time doing it, and it was really fun to be a part of the council, and help the school. Then of course I wanted to run again to be executive so that I could be in charge of my fellow executives for dances, and making the school a better place. That was really my goal.

Stark-Haws says he has learned how to effectively manage his time, and that's a good thing because his involvement doesn't stop at the student council. He supports his fellow students across the board.

"I make sure that I have time to go watch my fellow students in their sports and cheer them on," says Stark-Haws. 

Keenan says, "He's a member of our cross country team, he's also a manager/student coach on our gymnastics team that's combined with Tech High School, and then he also plays tennis for us in the spring."

Eli Stark-Haws
(Photo: Joshua Akkerman, WJON News)

Fred Rupp is the Cross Country head coach. He says Eli is a remarkable young man.

Rupp says, "He's the ultimate team player.  He's been on my team for four years, and all four years he's been a star in a couple of ways. One way he's a very gifted runner, the other is he's perpetually enthusiastic. He cares about everyone on the team. He cares about their success, as well as his own."

Eli Stark-Haws
(Photo: Joshua Akkerman, WJON News)

Stark-Haws is also a student ambassador at Cathedral High School.

"Cathedral has over thirty exchange students from different countries around the world," says Stark-Haws, "So I'm glad that I'm a student ambassador, and we help the exchange students feel welcome, and really feel like they are comfortable here at Cathedral."

Stark-Haws says he intends to attend college next year possibly studying nursing or law enforcement.




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