COLD SPRING -- Election Day is nearing and the city of Cold Spring will decide between two people to take over as mayor.

Dave Heinen and incumbent Fran Ramler are on the ballet.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8.


Dave Heinen (Photo provided by candidate)

Dave Heinen is currently a member of the city council, he was a member of the Cold Spring Fire Department for 23-years and has lived in Cold Spring for the majority of his life. After retiring from the fire department Heinen dedicated his time to the city and became a council member. Heinen says one of the biggest projects he'd like to work on would be developing a plan for their city hall building.

"We are looking into remodeling it [city hall] we have someone doing a space needs study right now, hopefully in the next few years we can start working on that."

Cold Spring's current city hall holds all of city's offices as well as a library.


Fran Ramler (Chrissy Gaetke, WJON)

Fran Ramler was appointed as mayor in September after former Mayor Bob Thelan resigned. Ramler has lived in Cold Spring for the majority of his life. He owns River Power and Equipment in Cold Spring. Ramler says many city issues have been addressed this year but his major concerns going into next year involve space needs for the city hall building and affordable housing. Ramler says he's passionate about city government and he's the person that's going to get the job done.

"They should vote for me because I'm going to do the job for them, they're going to get everything from me, this guy is going to do the job for them, always did."

Ramler has been serving on the council for 22-years.