SAUK RAPIDS - Voters in Sauk Rapids have chosen a new mayor, however Kurt Hunstiger is no stranger to city government. He's a current city council member, and also a long time member of the Sauk Rapids planning commission.

Hunstiger says he wants the city council to have more focus.

I think the council as a whole needs to have goals. What is the council really trying to accomplish?  What is the city trying to do with staffing levels?  But, I also think we need to have the community come in and participate in staffing sessions.

Hunstiger says he also wants residents to feel more comfortable coming before the council with issues.

He will be sworn-in as mayor at their first meeting in January. Hunstiger has two years left on his city council term, the council has the option of appointing someone to fill the term or they can hold a special election.

Hunstiger says proper staffing in the police department is one issue the city has to address. Also, they've got to make some decisions about the proposed field house.

We have the field house issue that the taxpayers approved two years ago that we need to make a decision on. How much are we going to be willing to fund that?  Working with the school board and the group that put this together.

Hunstiger says he'd like to start a Police Reserve Program in Sauk Rapids. And, he wants to make it a point to get out and meet the Sauk Rapids business owners.

Current mayor Brad Gunderson was eliminated from the race back in the primary.

Meanwhile, the two incumbent city council members held on to their seats in a four-way race. Steve Heinen got 33 percent of the vote, and Nick Sauer got 31 percent.