WAITE PARK -- Our look at the 2016 local elections continues as we highlight the Waite Park City Council race.

Three candidates are vying for the two open seats. Incumbent Chuck Schneider, Incumbent Mike Linquist and Shawn Blackburn are all hoping to represent Waite Park.

Waite Park Mayor Rick Miller is also seeking re-election. He is running unopposed.

The general election is on Tuesday and the top two vote getters will represent Waite Park. Information on each candidate is below:

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Incumbent Chuck Schneider has served on the city council for the past 11 years and says Waite Park has a special place in his heart. Born and raised in the city, Schneider has worn many hats. He says his ability to be open minded brings an insightful point of view to the council.

"I'm a no nonsense kind of guy. I try to look at the middle of issues and not sway to one side right away and make a decision I feel is not only best for the city but the residents who live here as well," says Schneider.

Schneider says there are many exciting projects coming to Waite Park over the next few years, such as the new Public Works Facility, the potential amphitheater and construction of River's Edge Park, which he would love to be apart of in bringing to the community.


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Shawn Blackburn is the new face running for the Waite Park city council. He has lived in Waite Park for the last six years. Blackburn says he likes the direction Waite Park is moving and would like to have a hand in helping to shape the city's future.

"I'm really excited for things like the Silver Leaf Project and the amphitheater which really points to taking our future and progress economically very seriously," says Blackburn.

He says his skills in problem solving, communication and working with others would be an asset during discussions. Blackburn says he decided to run for council because he wanted to get more involved in the community.


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Incumbent Mike Linquist has lived in Waite Park for over 40 years and has served on the council for the last 12 years. He says while there are many exciting projects still to come, they one thing he takes away during his time on the council is maintaining a low tax rate.

"We've had zero increase in our city tax rate and we are hoping for less this year so we don't see those big spikes that effects everyone in our community," says Linquist.

He says when it comes to decision making he uses a lot of common sense and best judgement. Linquist says over the years the city has achieved many goals and would like to help see several current project come to an end.