ST. CLOUD -- It was a beautiful sunny day, and what better way for the kids to enjoy their Saturday than free airplane rides.

The Young Eagles Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), chapter 551 opened the St. Cloud Regional Aiport to the public for free airplane rides to kids ages 8-17.

For the Schuller family, today (Saturday) could not come fast enough, since they first saw the billboard a week ago at a gas station.

"They just couldn't wait, they were looking forward to it says, Craig Schuller father of six.

However, their spark for airplanes long started when Craig's older son was involved with Civil Air Patrol . So when this opportunity presented itself, Craig decided to bring all six of the children.

Little did they know that the age range to get on the plane was eight.

"Our seven year old was heartbroken when she found out she couldn't fly today. Her mama told her this morning, you get to go flying today, but had not realized there was an age eight cut off. So she will be begging to come back for the next 364 days" says Craig.

Although two of the kids were not able to fly, the other four had one heck of a ride.

Frederique Schuller, who first flew when she was four, did not mind going back for another ride.

"We could see our neighborhood actually. We went over our house and stuff, so it was super fun" says Frederique.

After the flight, the kids were given a certificate, a picture they took with the pilot and a log book with a code to get a junior membership at EAA and other offers through different companies.

Craig says they're thankfully for the opportunity for their children to see what flying is about and plan to come back.

Rebecca David, WJON

Young Eagles host two free airplanes rides in May and August in St. Cloud and one in June in Little Falls.

If you would like to learn more about EAA Chapter 551, visit their Facebook page for future events.

Rebecca David, WJON