Find More Time and Energy Every Day

40% of working women with kids under 18 say they always feel rushed. That sounds about right. You dash through your day in a frenzy of activity, yet still go to bed without having done the things you really wanted to.

If you’re like most people, you probably blame lack of time. But time-management experts say we have more time than we think. The real problem is we lack energy.

If we learn to better manage our daily energy flow , many of us could unlock precious hours for ourselves throughout the week, that can be used for things we enjoy.

So how do we find those hours?

Track Your Time

Most of us have little or no idea where the day goes. Download an app like RescueTime, which runs in the background on your computer and tracks where you spend every minute online.. Every week, you’ll get a report so you can see how long you really spend it.   Keep a notebook in which you can jot down the time you spend on various tasks; update it three or four times a day..

 Identify leaks

As your time-use patterns emerge, focus on the really bad ones first: procrastination and other time-wasters, like tv and video games.. If you’re not 100% sure whether something was worth your while, ask yourself: I wish I had that time back?

Pinpoint the good times

Highlight the best parts of your day, so you can figure out what makes you feel good, and when you are fitting those things in already.

 Use Your Time…To Find More Energy

Now that you’re aware of how you spend each day, make more of those moments rewarding so they’ll shore up your mood and stamina.

Take A Break

Believe it or not...Taking breaks, can actually improve your daily abilities to manage tasks. Your brain isn’t wired to focus for hours and hours at a time. If you are yawning, feeling hungry, zoning out, checking e-mail, those can all be cues to step away and Stretch, pull a few weeds in the garden, eat a piece of fruit, or pop out to the local coffee shop.