SARTELL -- A heated debated on a possible tobacco ordinance change regarding E-Cigarettes had a lot of people voicing their opinions tonight (Monday) at Sartell City Hall.

Under the proposed new ordinance E-cigarettes would no longer be self service, the liquids would need to be kept in child proof packaging and would limit areas where E-cigarettes can be used.

Those in favor of the ordinance stressed keeping products out of the hands of children. They say liquid flavors like bubble gum, grape and green apple shops are targeting the wrong audience.

Bill Burnette opposed the ordinance change says while he agrees it's not for children, when it comes to the types restrictions not all the research is being done.

For about two hours the council listened to supporters for-and-against the potential ordinance change recommended by the police department.

Following the discussion, the council felt the current language in the ordinance doesn't talk about many of the facts brought to their attention at the public hearing.

Burnette says he is happy the council is taking this seriously and doing the research needed to make an educated decision.

The council decided to further research the issue and tabled the topic for another time.