ST. CLOUD -- A group of volunteers are hard at work making downtown St. Cloud a little bit cleaner.

It's a never ending task cleaning the streets and sidewalks but it's a job many St. Cloud residents take a great pride in doing.

"People want to be where it's a pleasant place to be and it takes all of us to take care of our community," says Gustafson.

Pegg Gustafson is the president of the downtown council and says the annual cleanup focuses on the constant eye sores we see everyday.

"Garbage, cigarette butts, weeding, we will take an inventory of where things need improvements and make sure we can stay on top of that," says Gustafson.

"I like volunteering, I like helping the community and knowing that I am doing something and giving back to the community," says Tran.

Denise Tran is with Capital One and says it's a great feeling to help the area she lives and works in.

"It means a lot, we live here and use the resources here, I mean this is our home and it's great that we are giving back to the community," says Tran.

Throughout the day volunteers will clean about a 30-block area and Gustafson hopes the cleanup will become a daily thing for the businesses downtown.

"If we make downtown (St. Cloud) look nice this is where people will want to be," says Gustafson.

The Spring Downtown Cleanup runs until 4:00 p.m. today (Friday).


Volunteers clean up the streets and sidewalks in downtown St. Cloud. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)