ALEXANDRIA -- The outpouring of support for the Fargo Police Officer who died on the job has extended to Alexandria.

The Douglas County Sheriff's federation is asking people to purchase blue light bulbs to display outside their homes.

Deputy Kevin Wiseman is spearheading the fund drive, with all of the money going to the family of Officer Jason Moszer.

"It's no secret that they blue light for law enforcement is a very tight next family. It doesn't matter if you wear green pants, brown pants or blue pants, or even purple or the state patrol in Minnesota. We are all a tight knit family, when one of our people goes down it hits us hard at home," says Wiseman.

Wiseman says he first helped coordinate a blue light bulb fundraiser for the family of a Lake City police officer several years ago.

The bulbs are for sale at the Sheriff's department in Alexandria, for five-dollars each.

Wiseman says Douglas County will be represented at Moszer's funeral. His partner is a Fargo Police Sergeant.

Story from KFGO in Fargo.