In business, everyone in the office is a team.  You all have a common goal of making your company as successful as it can be, and each person, whether Office Manager, or Front Desk Clerk, has an equally important role. I'd even go as far as to say your Cleaning Team is just as important!



So when it comes to you, what kind of co worker are you? Are you a team player? Do you find the good in others? Or do you create problems and talk behind peoples backs, hoping to land yourself a better position by brown nosing your way to the top?

Here are some things to remember when it comes to office etiquette.


Is this hard for you to do?  Do you have to take credit for ideas that are flying around the office?  Do you hear bits and pieces and then make them your own?  It will lead to resentment. Come up with ideas, and be the bigger person.  Help others feel like the ideas are theirs!  What?!  Give away your ideas?!  Actually, your fellow employees can feel when you're trying to suck life out of them.  Breath life into them...and make your office a better place to work.


Come to work with a smile. Share it. Be true. Be kind. Be a person that you would like to be around. If someone at the office is a Debbie Downer, head to the other side of the building.  If they are constantly sharing dirt on other employees, and trying to bring everyone in on their muddy party, just be polite and don't buy into it. It's best to walk away politely, and forget what you've heard. Nothing good comes from spreading rumors about your co workers. If you have a bad experience with a fellow employee, the best thing you can do, is discuss your issue with your direct Supervisor.


Stress is hard to avoid when deadlines and tasks are looming. But throwing your chair across the room, or hitting a wall because you have to work on a holiday isn't a great way to handle a situation. If you are that miserable in your job, just remember...You can maintain your professionalism, and look for a different one when you go home. Bringing the whole office in to your bummed out world is selfish.


Gossip doesn't stop. If someone at the office is talking dirt about someone else...just remember...they are talking about you as well. Enough said. If you've got a secret to share...I suggest sharing it with someone at home that you trust. Don't put a fellow employee in a position where they feel that they have to share your valuable information with others. If you do...the only person you can truly blame is yourself.