ST. CLOUD -- St. Cloud is going to the dogs this week. The English Cocker Spaniel Club of America is holding their 2018 National Specialty event inside the River's Edge Convention Center.

Show Chair Joyce Winkels says the event brings dogs and handlers from all over the globe under one roof.

The show happens every year. We get visitors and exhibitors from all over the country, Canada, Europe and Australia this year to come and exhibit or watch their dogs.

Throughout the day dogs are groomed and pampered before they take center stage.

Winkles says the dogs are not judged against each other, but rather against a standard of perfection.

The judges judge the dog on their type, movement and attitude because these are suppose to be merry dogs, so they need to be happy dogs.

The 2018 National Specialty starts at 9:00 a.m. every morning and runs through Friday. Each day brings a new competition and event.

Winkles says the show is free to attend and handlers love for the public to come out and see their dogs.

We love to have folks come out and see our dogs and what the dogs are here to do.

This is the second time St. Cloud has hosted the traveling dog show. The National Specialty will take place in San Diego next year.