The shower...a place of privacy and retreat. Apparently people feel very 'safe' in the shower.  Lots of things happen in there. You might be doing things in there that you thought no one else does. may not be alone. A new survey found when we're in the shower, we do all kinds of things, like:

  • Sing.  Women are 44% more likely to sing in the shower than men.
  • Take Selfies. People are 57% more likely to take selfies in the shower than in the bathtub. Does someone have a waterproof phone that I didn't know about? I keep my phone as far away from water as I possibly can; ever since that little incident when it fell out of my back pocket into the toilet.  Yes...that sucked.
  • Conference calls in the tub?  1 out of 7 people say they've taken a conference call while they are taking a bath.
  • Take a pee.  Okay...If you forgot to go the bathroom before you jumped in the shower, I  can see how it would be hard to hold it. Apparently I'm in the minority. I'd rather pee in the toilet..thank you.
  • Use someone else's soap.  1 out of 4 people say if they don't have their own soap, they will use someone else's.
  • Clean. There aren't many people that clean the shower when they are naked, but women are 41% more likely to do it than ask.."What? I didn't know you could clean the shower?"  I have to admit. I'm guilty of this one.  Hey? If' I'm in there already, I might as well clean it.

The next time you're taking a shower, don't forget to multi-task. putting on your cleaning gloves, grab the 409 spray, and turn your phone on for that very important conference call. You can get a lot done!