The question is....does it really simplify your life? Does it cost less? Save time? Taste good? Is it worth it?  Those are the questions I have about meal delivery companies. Yesterday, we talked about  Plated holds the number one spot on the meal delivery service chalkboard. But what if you don't like their offerings. Are there other services worthy of your money to help you create healthier meals and reasonable prices? Here's a list of some of the meal delivery services I found.

Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images Entertainment


We talked about PLATED yesterday. Plated offers lots of food choices, and also features antibiotic and hormone free meats. Meals cost about $12 per plate, with a minimum order of 4 plates.


HELLO FRESH requires no fancy equipment, preparation or wierd unheard of ingredients. This company works with an in house dietician, and offers healthy balanced simple meals each week. Approximately $9 per plate, with a minimum of 6 plate order minimum.


Every meal with BLUE APRON is between 500 to 700 calories per meal, and the company says they won't repeat a recipe within the same year. Plate cost is about $10 per plate with a minimum order of 6 plates per week.


LIGHTER eliminates the need for frequent grocery trips. They have meal ideas for breakfast, lunches, dinners and snacks. Pricing starts at around $65 for nine meals plus snacks per week.


THE PURPLE CARROT advocates plant based eating. There selections have no heavily processed ingredients, and contain no animal products like meat, eggs or dairy. The meals are supposedly unbelievably tasty, and have delicious sweet homemade snacks.  Prices start at $59 a week for a minimum order of 8 plates.