FALCON HEIGHTS - The Department Of Natural Resources is celebrating the 80th anniversary of their historic building at the Minnesota State Fair. The log structure is the centerpiece of the DNR's exhibit.

Spokesman Steve Carroll says when it was built it cost $73,000.

The DNR exhibit is also a major attraction for fair goers because of their outdoor fish pond.

They've also spent a half-million dollars remodeling their indoor aquarium, which now shows fish in five different habitats found in the state.  Also new this year at the DNR booth is a program called "Animals Nobody Loves".

Carroll says it's a chance for them to bring wildlife and nature to people who aren't exposed to it on a regular basis.

Also, this year the DNR has a replica camper cabin. Fairgoers can step inside the 24 foot by 12 foot cabin, which is exactly like the ones you can rent at several state parks.