ST. CLOUD - With another school year upon us, District 742 will be responsible for transporting 9000 students to and from school.

District Transportation prepared its fleet of school buses over the weekend. Scott Dahlin, the District 742 Transportation Supervisor reminds motorists to stop and obey the law when buses are loading or unloading students.

"We need to remind motorists who haven't seen the buses out on the road for a while, when you see a bus be cautious around it" Dahlin said.

All students K-6 will be required to participate in bus safety drills to remind them of safety and procedures for emergency situations. Students will practice an emergency exit out the back of the bus during the process.

Motorists are also told to be cautious for the students as pedestrians.

"As motorists, just pay particular attention to students that are going to be walking alongside the road and are crossing at intersections going to and from bus stops." Dahlin said.

Additional information can be found on the District 742 Transportation website.


Dan DeBaun , WJON News