ST. CLOUD -- Governor Mark Dayton made a stop in St. Cloud today (Friday) on his tour across the state urging area legislators to compromise on terms for a special session.

Dayton has been saying there's unfinished business after lawmakers adjourned last month leaving several key issues unresolved.

"It's really important that we find that common ground and work together. Minnesota is depending on us for doing that," says Dayton.

Dayton has been calling on legislative leaders to agree to needed investments in higher education, job creation, and public safety before he will call a special session.

About $45-million worth of St. Cloud projects rest in support of a bonding bill. If passed, about $18-million would go into renovating Eastman Hall into a modern health services facility and improve building security and repair to the Engineering and Computer Center at St. Cloud State University.

Just over $1-million would help replace the roof and upgrade the HVAC system at St. Cloud Technical and Community College.

Finally, about $19-million will go into the St. Cloud Correctional Facility for construction of a new intake and loading dock and infrastructure upgrades at the prison.

"These are investments for the future of Minnesota, and that's why it's so important that we come together and get this accomplished," says Dayton.

Dayton says he has offered to meet the House of Republicans halfway between their positions and his own so an agreement can be reached.

He hopes all parties can reach an agreement and have a special session by the end of June.


(Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)