ST. PAUL -- Governor Mark Dayton has released his list of bonding projects for Minnesota. Among the projects are the usual categories of colleges and universities construction, roads, natural resources and public safety.

In central Minnesota, Governor Dayton is proposing just under $4,000,000 for the city of Melrose to help rebuild after two devastating fires. It would also help expand the city's electrical substation to support Jennie-O Turkey's expansion, the city's largest employer.

The governor has also once again included money to renovate Eastman Hall at St. Cloud State University. The school is seeking just under $19,000,000 to turn the vacant building into a student health services office and learning environment for students in health care fields.

The St. Cloud Armory is on the list for $4,500,000 to fund basic maintenance, renovate and expand the facility.

Dayton has included money for the St. Cloud prison...$19,000,000 for a new intake facility and loading dock and another $4,400,000 to repair the aging perimeter wall.

Under the governor's proposal, Camp Ripley would get $3,500,000 for an oil train derailment and pipeline safety training center.

Finally, Governor Dayton is proposing $3,500,000 to develop a fisheries management station on Mille Lacs Lake, including a lab and hatchery.

Dayton's bonding bill proposal totals $1,500,000,000.