ST. PAUL  (AP) - Gov. Mark Dayton has released 2010 income tax returns which show he made $671,724 last year.

Dayton's office released his state and federal returns Tuesday.

The largest share, more than $600,000, came from investment gains. His biggest investment gain was just over $400,000 from the sale of 8,431 shares of stock in Target Corporation, the company his family founded but no longer controls.

Dayton earned far more in 2010 than the $172,472 he reported making in 2009.

The returns show Dayton paid federal taxes of $99,690 and $50,701 in taxes to the state of Minnesota last year. Dayton earned more than enough in 2010 to qualify for an income tax hike under his proposal at the Capitol to increase taxes on the state's highest earners.

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