UNDATED -- The National Cyber Security Alliance reminds you to be safe online with Data Privacy Day today (Thursday).

Data Privacy Day is an international effort to emphasize the importance of protecting privacy, safeguarding data and enabling trust online.

Cybercrime is a growing problem in the United States with CNN reporting 47% of adults had their personal information hacked in 2014 -- the year numerous companies experienced major data breaches, most notably at Target.

"I think that's the year everyone kind of realized how big this problem is and just how far these scammers are willing to go to get personal information," says Dan Hendrickson of the Better Business Bureau.

The numbers may be skewed from those major breaches, but Hendrickson says that doesn't make the problem any less alarming.

"There's people out there each and every day trying to get your personal and financial information, and there are people out there testing companies' defenses every single day, so it's a big problem."

Hendrickson says he thinks progress is being made due to efforts like Data Privacy Day raising awareness of cybercrime and the importance of online security.

"Anything you do online potentially could involve fraud," Hendrickson says. "So I think awareness is growing and as long as people continue to pay attention to that, the problem should start to abate over time."

When it comes to protecting yourself online, Hendrickson says it all starts with your computer -- have a secure firewall in place, anti-virus software set up, and only visit secure and trustworthy websites. More online safety tips can be found at StaySafeOnline.org.