LAS VEGAS - A Dassel-Cokato graduate is competing for the title of Miss America.

Natalie Davis is in Las Vegas this week, along with 51 other contestants.

Preliminary rounds have been taking place this week, and the finals are Saturday at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

Davis is also a graduate of St. Olaf College.

An Irish step-dancing Miss Oklahoma tops contestants in the second round of the Miss America talent competition in Las Vegas, while a swimsuit-clad Miss Texas scores honors in the lifestyle and fitness category.

Miss Oklahoma Betty Thompson took home a $2,000 scholarship for dancing to "Warriors" at Wednesday night's preliminary. The talent portion is 35 percent of a contestant's score.

Miss Texas Kendall Morris earned a $1,000 scholarship after appearing in a Monte Carlo Komplique swimsuit. The fitness category is 15 percent of a contestant's score.

One more winner will be selected in each category during a final day of preliminaries.

In Tuesday's round, Miss Wisconsin Laura Kaeppeler won for talent and Miss Utah Danica Olsen won swimsuit.