UNDATED - Three members of the WJON news team are getting a little creative, and having a little fun, with our story assignments this week.

News Director Jim Maurice, and reporters Dan DeBaun and Alex Svejkovsky decided to let fate play a part in our story assignments today (Monday) by throwing a dart at a map of Stearns County.  Whichever town was closest to our dart is where we're going to go and tell a story.

Alex was up first and his dart landed near Opole.  Dan went next and his dart stuck close to St. Anthony.  And Jim will be heading to Freeport, after his dart came close to that community on the map.

Do you know something, or someone, from any of those communities that you think we should be doing a story on?  Let us know right away.

We'll be airing our "dart" stories Wednesday through Friday, July 6th, 7th, and 8th.