ALBANY - CVS Pharmacy is opening a store in Albany this summer.

The CVS will be at the corner of Railroad Road and 8th Street. City clerk and administrator Tom Schneider says construction has started.

The locally owned Albany Apothecary pharmacy isn't expecting the CVS to have a large impact on them. Owner and pharmacist Will Seiler says some competition in town will be good for both pharmacies.

"Competition is not a bad thing, it will only make us better. It's going to make us make changes, it's going to make our employees have to be better."

The Albany Apothecary has been in town since 1998. Seiler says they have a loyal customer base who travel from all around Central Minnesota.

"We do have a pretty good following, half of our patients go to the doctor and they drive past 13 pharmacies to get here."

The CVS Pharmacy is expected to open in August.