MORRISON COUNTY - A Cushing man was arrested on Monday after allegedly running from deputies and leading them on a search for several hours.

A Morrison County Sheriff's deputy noticed 45-year-old Brian Prozinski working on his driveway. Prozinski was wanted for alleged 2nd degree assault with a dangerous weapon and for being a felon in possession of a gun.

On January 28th, 49-year-old Marshall McClung of Cushing (who was known to Prozinski), was at his house in a truck. Prozinski allegedly shot at him, hitting the driver's side door with what appeared to be a round from a rifle. On February 2nd, a SWAT team used a search warrant at Prozinski's home and found three rifles. He wasn't home during the search. His neighbor warned officials that he made a comment that he was not going back to jail and wouldn't be taken alive.

The deputy confronted Prozinski at 2:00 p.m. on Monday and he immediately took off running into the woods northwest of his home. Authorities set up a perimeter in the area. A Minnesota State Patrol helicopter and Morrison County police dog teams were called in.

Prozinski was eventually found 2.5 hours later climbing a tree in the area. A 15 minute standoff took place and Prozinski refused to come down. Authorities, with consideration of the remote area, told him that if he didn't come down, they would cut down the tree with a chainsaw.

Prozinski started jumping to nearby trees, he eventually climbed down and struggled with deputies before being restrained by a police dog. He was taken to hospital before being booked into the Morrison County Jail.