COLLEGEVILLE -- Our new installment of Cuisine Unseen highlights the bountiful brunches of the Refectory at St. John's University.

The Refectory, located in the campus' Quadrangle Building, is open to students and the general public every day of the week.

The brunches offer a wide variety of options including an omelette station, fruit bar, homestyle station, and many others.

St. John's Culinary Manager Art Martinez says the weekend brunches have become a weekly destination for many in the community.

"Our typical crowd is between 600 and 800 on Saturdays and Sundays," Martinez says.

"We have a wonderful [variety in our] brunch and a great staff serving it."

Martinez leads a staff of over 150 - many of whom are students.

"What makes us [for one], we're ran primarily by students, [and] we have a high volume facility here - we're able to pump out quite a bit of food quickly [and] keep the quality level high," Martinez says.

"It's a great atmosphere."

Martinez says that aside from the students, the rest of the staff is very experienced and dedicated.

"The full-time staff here is wonderful...everybody loves what we do - we take care of the monks and the monastery...and our main objective is to keep the students happy and well-fed," Martinez says.

"And we do a good job at that."

Photo by Isaac Schweer, WJON