ST. CLOUD -- In the corner of St. Cloud Regional Airport is where you can find JK Flyers - a small restaurant that offers big flavor.

The restaurant boasts a menu that includes 20 different kinds of burgers, numerous sandwiches, salads, and breakfast meals.

The real fan favorite of JK Flyers is their signature Philly Cheesesteak sandwich made with one of the owner's homemade recipe.

Nick Gerten, co-owner of JK Flyers, says he and his business partner (who grew up in Philadelphia) take pride in the quality of the sandwich.

"When we opened the restaurant we were trying to figure out what we wanted to serve...and he felt pretty strongly about cheesesteaks," Gerten says,

"It's the real deal - we like to say it's the best [cheesesteak] in town because, well, it is the best in town."

With only four employees, JK Flyers may have the smallest working staff of any restaurant in town - and business in an airport can get pretty hectic.

"When there's a busy flight, everybody's out here - it's all hands on deck," Gerten says.

That sometimes means feeding 130-150 people in a matter of hours.

"We'll kick out anywhere from 60 to 80 to sometimes 100 meals in about an hour and a half," Gerten says.

"And if you've seen our grill back there, you can see it's pretty tiny but we're a pretty efficient group."

Gerten encourages anybody who is hungry for good food - and a change of of scenery - to come out and try JK Flyers.

"It's not your typical airport food, whatever you think of 'airport food' - that's what we're not," Gerten says.

"We're reasonably priced, [the variety] is not what you'd expect to get from an airport, so I suggest coming out and giving it a try and see for yourself."

JK Flyers is found in the terminal building at St. Cloud Regional Airport and is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Photo by Isaac Schweer, WJON