ST. CLOUD -- This week's installment of Cuisine Unseen takes a look at the many dining options at the Atwood Memorial Center on the campus of St. Cloud State University.

When you think of St. Cloud State's dining destinations, most would probably think of the all-you-can-eat dinners at Garvey Commons, but it can be argued that Atwood Center offers just as much - if not more - variety.

Atwood offers big name restaurants like Pizza Hut and Subway, but it also features lesser-known places including WoW!, which is a wings-and-fries place; Freshens, which offers a healthier option; and Burrito Bowl, which has only five locations in the entire country.

Another popular spot is the 6th Street Grill, which is a make-your-own burger bar where you can customize your burger - adding whatever condiments and toppings and you can even change the bun to a donut if you want.

Jennifer Fleck, of Sodexo food services for SCSU, says that Atwood brought in these newer and more unique restaurants to make it a more enjoyable destination for students and the community.

"We wanted to create an atmosphere that was more engaging," Fleck says.

"A little bit more of a variety - we do have a lot of branded concepts, but we really wanted to expand it to [include these new] places."

Fleck encourages anybody who is hungry for something different to try one of the dining options at Atwood.

"There's no other place in this area where you can get such a variety of food in such a concentrated area," Fleck says.

"And the great thing about [Atwood] get that vibrant atmosphere, but it's also not backlogged like a lot of places that you'll find downtown."

A St. Cloud native, Fleck says that for her, variety is key.

"I wish that when I was younger...I would've known that there was such opportunity available to me in such a concentrated area."

The dining options at Atwood are generally only open during the school year.

Photo by Isaac Schweer, WJON