There is a website out there called that dug through a list of crazy baby names. The social security administration keeps statistics on baby names, but they only include names that have gone to at least five kids in the USA. Would you keep this name if it was yours?

Here is the list of very strange unusual names:

  • Swastik.  Believe it or not, there were also at least five boys named Nazih. (Seriously????)
  • Wimberley. It's sort of like "Kimberly," but with a W. (Really?)
  • Sadman.  That's really "sad."
  • Lawn....Dean.
  • Billion
  • Princecharles...  Yes...all one word.
  • Ruckus.....Like...Stop that Ruckus!!!
  • Dagger.    Ouch.
  • Lay....Seven parents in the USA names their daughter LAY!
  • Jerzei.....sounding like Jersey.

Do you have a crazy name you'd add to the list?