UNDATED -- Commissioners in the Tri-County area Tuesday set the 2015 salaries for their elected officials.

In Stearns County, commissioners froze their salary for the second straight year, keeping it a $35,500 per year. They did not address the salaries of other elected officials like sheriff and county attorney.

In Benton County, commissioners approved 2% increases for the auditor treasurer and county recorder. Auditor/Treasurer Karri Thorsten will earn $87,740 in 2015. Recorder Marilyn Novak will see her salary increase to $68,950 next year. The starting salary for new Sheriff Troy Heck will be $97,000 and County Attorney Phil Miller will get a 7.8% increase, earning $102,500 in 2015.

Benton County commissioners gave themselves a 1.13% increase which mirrors the raise other county employees will get next year. Commissioners will go from making $27,453 to $27,762 next year.

In Sherburne County, commissioners froze their salaries for the second consecutive year and will earn $38,406 again in 2015. Sherburne County set the salaries for their elected department heads last week.