UNDATED -- Commissioners in the Tri-County area set their salaries today for 2014.

Stearns County commissioners elected to turn down a 1.5% salary increase and keep their current salary at $35,500 per year. They did not address the salaries of other elected officials like sheriff or county attorney.

Benton County commissioners approved a 4% increase for the recorder, a 4.19% for the auditor-treasurer, a 3.63% increase for the sheriff and no increase for the county attorney who was just recently hired.

Benton County commissioners gave themselves a 1% raise bringing their salary from $27,181 to $27,453, or a total of $272 per board member.

Sherburne County commissioners gave 1% salary increases to the county attorney, sheriff, recorder and auditor but did not give themselves a wage increase for 2014.