MINNEAPOLIS (AP) _ A Minneapolis City Council member has given one of her
opponents something to chew over - a piece of chewed gum.

Twenty-year incumbent Lisa Goodman took the gum out of her mouth and handed it
to challenger Teqen Zea-Aida before the start of a candidate forum Tuesday.

Goodman asked Zea-Aida: ``Would you take my gum, please?''

Goodman tells the Star Tribune she couldn't find any paper to get rid of her
gum and was just making a lighthearted comment. Zea-Aida wondered if Goodman was
hinting he had bad breath and thought she was offering him gum.

Goodman says the challenger ``looked at me like I was crazy,'' and she took the
gum back out of his hand. The council member says it was ``a simple attempt at
humor'' and apologized.