ST. CLOUD - A staff member in a St. Cloud-Sartell community home has been cited for allegedly taking a debit card from a vulnerable adult and spending over $200 on it.

According to an investigation memorandum from the Minnesota Department of Human Services, the incident happened at Generations Community Homes, which has facilities in St. Cloud and Sartell.

It was reported that a vulnerable adult's family member was reviewing their bank account, when they found purchases not belonging to them. The vulnerable adult handled their own money, but required help with budgeting.

Law enforcement investigated and found photographs and transactions showing a staff person from the facility using the debit card.

The purchases were made between May 18th-19th and totaled $207.03 and included a purchase at a liquor store. The vulnerable adult stated that it had been nine years since they last had a drink and that they didn't make any of the purchases.

The vulnerable adult said they stored the debit card in a coffee cup on their desk in their bedroom.

The staff person said they didn't take the card and didn't make the purchases. When asked why they were identified in a photograph, the staff person said it was a "coincidence" as they made purchases at some of the same businesses.

The facility completed an internal review and found their policies and procedures were adequate and followed. The staff person no longer works there. They were also disqualified from providing direct contact services in the future. The determination that the staff person was reponsible for maltreatment and the disqualification are subject to appeal.

Information was gathered through four interviews during a site visit on June 8th.