COLD SPRING -- Under tight deadlines the Cold Spring City Council voted Wednesday to move forward in their hunt to find a new city water well site.

The Department of Natural Resources cut Third Street Brewhouse's water consumption for next year by nearly 80 percent. The DNR says the company is hurting trout in a stream close by. 

This means the company will turn to the city water system which is used by about 4,000 people.

It was moved by council member, Bob Thelen and seconded by council member, Fran Ramler to test the property owned by Lance Honer for its well suitability.

If the test results are favorable the city wants to move forward with plans to buy the land for $39,000. 

Community member, Mike Thelen lives near the Honer property and says he thinks it would be a bad location to put the well.

The council decided to add an article to their motion which gives the Public Works Director, Paul Hoeschen the opportunity to test up to five other potential well sites. He says it's a very complicated issue.

The city  has until next February to find a new well site.