COLD SPRING -- The City of Cold Spring will soon see a small fee increase to their sewer utility bill.

The city council voted to move forward with plans to increase the 2014 rates by 50-cents per 1,000 gallons of sewer water.

You can expect another slight increase in 2015.  The increases are a result of the city's hunt to find a new city water well site.

Mayor Doug Schmitz says the council has two potential well sites they plan on drilling and testing next week but they won't know the results until January.

The city's potential well locations are located on the north and south side of town.

Schmitz says they will be pumping water at each location to test the water quality before they decide to drill and lay piping. It costs about $400,000 per mile to lay pipe.

The city  has until next February to find a new well site. They hope to have more information at their January council meeting.