COLD SPRING -- The Cold Spring City Council voted unanimously to strike a settlement deal with current Cold Spring-Richmond Police Chief, Phil Jones at Tuesday night's meeting.

The council agreed to pay Jones $12,075 to sign an agreement putting recently raised issues in the past, an agreement they call "hold harmless."

On May 28th Jones wrote a letter to the council which addressed several of his complaints.

He criticized the way the city handled his payment during his time off after a motorcycle accident he suffered last year.

He also mentioned the emotional stress he's had after last year's killing of Cold Spring Officer, Tom Decker and the 2003 Rocori High School shooting.

He threatened to take legal action if a settlement couldn't be determined.

Council member, Bob Thelen says, "We are calling it a compromise in which the city pays Phil some compensation for his continued service and his agreement to put the  past safely behind us."

Jones has been with the department for 24 years. He was not present at last night's meeting.

Afterwards the council declined comment due to legal issues.