COLD SPRING -- The Cold Spring City Council will discuss in the coming weeks a plan to remodel City Hall.

The plan would be to move the Fire Department out of the building in order to allow for their expansion, along with providing more space for the other three departments in the building.

"The biggest reason we're considering remodeling is because we have a library that has for years needed more space," says Mayor Bob Thelen. "An we just literally don't have the room for it."

Thelen says the departments have had to share one building for over three decades and it's time to make a change.

"I've been on the council now for [about] a decade and we've been having the exact same discussions for that entire period of time," Thelen says. "It's time for us to stop discussing it, actually draw up a plan and move forward."

Thelen said during the meeting that the remodeling has already been budgeted for, and wants a definitive plan in place by 2016.

"Everybody agrees the library needs more space, the police department needs more space -- nobody is arguing that," Thelen says. "The question is where we do it and how much it will cost, so we're going to figure that out and we're going to make this happen."

Further discussion on a remodeled City Hall is scheduled for the next City Council meeting on December 8th, and Thelen encourages the public to contact the council with their input.