COLD SPRING -- The Cold Spring City Council held a special meeting Monday night to discuss their police chief selection process. A standing room only crowd gathered in hopes to get some long awaited answers regarding police chief candidate Eric Johnson.

The council voted unanimously to allow Johnson's attorney to have a copy of the nine page investigation--a document that hasn't been seen by Johnson or his attorney.

Richmond City Administrator Martin Bode spoke out and called into question the council's voting process. He says he thinks the council approved Johnson's position when they took their January 29th vote.

Cold Spring's attorney Tom Jovanovich was also at the meeting to help answer questions. He says the issues that Bode brought up are matters that he will need to further investigate. Cold Spring City Administrator Paul Hetland says the city is subject to a possible lawsuit from Johnson.

Glen Stalboerger is the Wakefield Township supervisor and member of the Police Chief Selection Committee. He says he believes the selection process was flawed.

Hetland responded to Stalboerger's comments saying, "that is not exactly how the situation went down."

Council member Bob Thelen went through the entire selection process from start to finish. He asked the committee questions and brought up a few concerns. He received some criticism from audience members who questioned his motives.

Thelen addressed Mayor Doug Schmitz stating he felt some of the questions and comments made by members of the public were personal attacks.

The meeting lasted for about an hour before the council motioned to adjourn. Hetland says it's hard for the city to move forward while the process is under investigation. He expects this to be a topic of discussion at the next several council meetings.