COLD SPRING -- The Cold Spring City Council will be meeting in closed session tonight to seek legal advice in a pending lawsuit by Eric Johnson.

Earlier this year Johnson was extended a conditional job offer as police chief for the Cold Spring-Richmond Police Department pending three requirements. He needed to pass a psychological and physical examination as well as a background check.

Further review found that Johnson had allowed his CPR and First Responder certifications to lapse, which resulted in a no confidence vote. Johnson accuses the city of breach of contract.

He resigned from his position as the police chief of the Minneota Police Department when the council made him a conditional job offer. Richmond City Administrator Martin Bode spoke out during a special meeting on March 10th calling into question the Cold Spring City Council’s voting process. He says he thinks the council approved Johnson’s position when they took their January 29th vote.

City Administrator Paul Hetland sent an email to Johnson on February 10th stating, "From the paperwork we have received, you have passed the psychological and physical tests as well as the background check.  You have met all of the conditions the City placed onto you to begin employment on Monday, February 24. So, please feel free to inform the City of Minneota of your two-week notice to end employment with them."

The city has consulted an attorney and has prepared a nine page investigation. The council will be meeting in closed session with an attorney from the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust at 7:00 p.m.

They are seeking legal advice concerning litigation strategy. After their closed session the city plans to approve a one year contract with interim police chief Chris Boucher. He was extended the offer as top cop pending contract negotiations.