COLD SPRING -- A river front, luxury, senior living apartment complex may be coming to Cold Spring.

The city may be adding a luxury apartment complex in the granite landing area near downtown.  MNX Properties is heading the project and owner Gary Stang has recently pitched the idea to city administrator, Brigid Murphy and the city council.

Murphy says the project is in its beginning phases and the council still has much to consider before approving the project.

"We haven't gotten any permits or requests of that nature...we don't even have the design yet of where the building would sit on the lot that they are looking at and so it's very early," says Murphy.

The apartment complex will be available for anyone ages 55 or older. Murphy says having housing designed for that specific age group will give more options to the community.

"It will provide a type of housing we do not have in Cold Spring, we do not have a specific 55 and older residential area. [It will be] for those people transitioning out of a single family home but are not ready to be in any type of assisted living [housing]."

Other than providing housing for those 55 or older, the apartment complex would feature 50 units, underground parking, exercise rooms, community rooms and possibly a salon.

Murphy says since the complex is still being designed some of those features may be tossed out and others may be added to the design as the project progresses.

As for right now the council is in favor of the project but will need more information to move it forward.

MNX Properties recently built a similar style apartment complex in St. Augusta.