COLD SPRING -- The city of Cold Spring is close to finalizing a purchase of land to be used for drilling water wells.

The city is looking at area of land roughly 18 acres in size northeast of Cold Spring at an original agreement of $110,000.

"We've previously been on the property and found good water bearing layers in the soil," says City Engineer Brian Lintgen. "We've done some test pumping and had good results, so we're moving forward on purchasing that property."

They still have to negotiate some final things concerning acreage with the landowners, but Lintgen says they are making progress and hope to drill a production well by this summer.

Lintgen says they would have to test the water of the new production wells for any contaminants and treat them before connecting them to the city's water system.

This is good news for the city's water problem as the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources will not allow them to drill wells within a certain distance of a protected trout stream that runs through town.