COLD SPRING - Cold Spring City Administrator Paul Hetland has been given an eight week extension to his family medical leave.

The Cold Spring city council approved the action during their Tuesday night meeting. The council originally approved the unpaid leave for 30 days in February.

After the additional eight weeks, the family medical leave will expire. The city has been unable to comment any further on Hetland’s leave due to medical confidentiality.

The city also approved a pay raise for city finance director Kris Dockendorf, who has been handling most of Hetland's responsibilities while he's been away.

City policy states those filling in for department heads for over a month will receive an increase in half the difference in pay between our positions. Dockendorf will now receive an increase of $5.25 per hour.

Since the city isn’t paying anyone for position of city administrator, there's money in the budget for the pay increase.