SAUK RAPIDS -- Coborn's in Sauk Rapids is taking a simple gesture like reserved parking spots and using it to thank veterans in the area.

The idea came from the store's photo manager, Sarah Gower, who saw it online and thought it would be a nice thing to do in Sauk Rapids.

"[Veterans] don't get thanked enough," Gower says. "So if it's one little thing like a parking spot close [to the store], why not?"

Gower pitched the idea to store director Mike Paulsrud, who was quick to get the signs up in their parking lot.

"I thought it was a wonderful idea from the get-go," Paulsrud says. "It's a pretty simple situation with a great employee's idea and [we] came out a winner and the real winners are the veterans."

After a couple weeks of being up, the signs have gained rave reviews from customers and veterans alike.

"Veterans are coming in and thanking us," Gower says. "For a veteran to thank you, it's amazing because the thanks goes to them."

Paulsrud says he plans to submit it as the Employee Idea of the Quarter, so more stores around the area -- and possibly the state -- may adopt reserved parking for veterans in the coming months.