CLEAR LAKE -- A Clear Lake man has been arrested and charged after an alleged kidnapping and assault.

The Sherburne County Sheriff's Office arrested 51-year-old Henry Maybury Wednesday.

The victim told Benton County Sheriff's officials he was taken by gunpoint from a home in Clear Lake Township and brought to a second home. The victim said Maybury used a steel pipe to break his hand because Maybury thought he was stealing in the area. Maybury then allegedly put the victim in a car at gunpoint and drove him to an area north of Foley and released him.

The victim got a ride to the Benton County Sheriff's Office and filed the report.

A search warrant was issued to search Maybury's home. Officers say they found a pipe matching the description and a holster for a handgun similar to the one described to police.

Maybury has been charged with kidnapping and second degree assault in Sherburne County District Court.