SAUK RAPIDS -- Thousands of people headed to the Benton County Fairgrounds on a muggy and cloudy day to check out the St. Cloud Antique Auto Club Car Show and Swap Meet.

Over 500 vintage cars were on display along with countless swappers as the smell of fried food and sound of classic songs filled the air.

Scott Flett of Elk River brought one of the more unique cars to the show -- a bold pink 1950 Chevrolet he's been showing off since 1993.

"Chicks and kids dig it, and that's all I care about," Flett says. "The guys [don't like it] as much, but who cares?"

"Every kid that goes by wants to have their picture taken next to it, and that makes me feel good."

Dan and Yvonne Feneis of St. Cloud have been to several car shows over the years and say there are many reasons they love coming to this one.

"The cars [are] the big draw," Dan Feneis says.

"Dan doesn't want to admit it, but he loves the swap -- I say it's junk -- but he likes the swap," Yvonne Feneis says.

"Another great thing about coming here is running into the people you haven't seen for a long time."

Photo by Isaac Schweer, WJON
Photo by Isaac Schweer, WJON