ST. CLOUD - St. Cloud is preparing to crack down on partying in the southside as thousands of students at St. Cloud State University move back to the area this weekend.

St. Cloud Police say the number of people cited during move-in weekend has declined during the last four years, a trend they hope to continue. In an email to WJON, St. Cloud Police Sergeant Jason Burke says police will be stepping up patrols in the area this weekend.

"There will be proactive enforcement when dealing with large gatherings with disruptive behavior," Burke says.

Burke adds that police will be looking for underage drinking, open alcohol containers on the streets, loud parties, noise violations and disruptive intoxication while on patrol.

Last year, police gave out 59 citations in the southside neighborhood during move-in weekend, down from 161 citations in 2012. Police believe increased communication with residents and SCSU collaborations have helped to reduce citations.

Police also plan to step up enforcement during Labor Day weekend.

In an effort to reach out to the southside residents, Mayor Dave Kleis and SCSU President Earl Potter will walk through the neighborhoods on Thursday night and Friday afternoon. They plan to speak to both longtime residents and new students moving into the area.

Kleis says the walkabout gives him and Potter a chance to welcome students to the community.

Both Potter and Kleis have been doing the walkabout through the southside neighborhoods for about nine years. Kleis says the communication and collaboration with the University is helping to reduce crime in the area.

Many students have already moved back into the area. New students will have their residential move-in day on Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.